Personalized Video can be the perfect asset to help you achieve your goals and reach out to your consumers in ways you never could have before … but how do you know if personalized video is right for your organization? 

This can be a big question when creating your marketing strategy. Though you may have heard of personalized video before, you may not know if it’s something your organization can pull off. Short answer: you most likely can! 

Allied Pixel has already found ways to make impactful personalized videos for a wide variety of industries:

  • Higher Education
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nonprofit & Fundraising
  • Automotive
  • Real Estate
  • B2B
  • Professional & Business services
  • Leisure, Travel & Hospitality
  • Entertainment & Gaming

Even if your organization doesn’t fall into one of the categories above, personalized video could be the perfect solution for you. 

Here are the steps to making sure personalized video is right for you:

Step 1: Have Data

One of the most important parts of personalized video is having the data about the consumers you’re looking to impact.

Now, data doesn’t have to be a scary spreadsheet of numbers and difficult-to-comprehend formulas. This data could be as simple as someone’s first name, and can come from almost anywhere (an online contact form, a handmade excel spreadsheet, a detailed CRM, a highly technical sales automation system — it all works)!

The data that you have can also help drive the content of your video — which has limitless possibilities. With someone’s name, you could include a personal greeting. With someone’s personal preferences you could include specific information on what would most interest them. For example, sending a prospective college student a video specifically about their incoming major or sending a past customer information about a new product that they may want to consider. 

Step 2: Have A Personalized Message

Now that you have your data, it’s also important that you have a message you’d like to get across to viewers of the video. Again, your possibilities here are pretty endless, and confined only by your creativity and imagination.

You could start the video by greeting them by name to draw them in and then move on to more generic content that could be relevant for all viewers. For example, thanking them for a donation and then showing what that donation was able to do for your organization. 

You could also create very specific content for that person throughout the entire video. 

Whether it’s sending someone information on a new product or service, reaching out to check in on an existing client, or reminding giving them specifics on an upcoming event, there are an infinite number of ways you can create a personalized video to accomplish your goals.


So, there you have it! Now’s the time to start thinking about how personalized video can best be implemented into your organization.