What sets us apart

We’re explorers at the intersection of video and technology

Allied Pixel was founded with a simple goal: To explore the possibilities at the intersection of filmmaking and technology so that organizations could tell their stories in new and engaging ways.

We’re a unique combination of full-service video production company and tech firm. Our team includes creative professionals such as writers, producers, directors, cinematographers and editors — working alongside technology experts like programmers, data specialists and cloud engineers.

Our filmmaking heritage has been the bedrock of all our work since our founding in 1993. Allied Pixel is known for high production value and compelling storytelling — evidenced by more than 200 national awards to date.

We have leveraged that filmmaking capability with evolving technologies to deliver exciting new approaches to storytelling. Pioneering work in multimedia and interactive video has led to data-driven Personalized Video, a specialty in which we are an industry leader.

All the while, we appreciate that our clients are the entire reason for our being. It’s been said that the journey is as important as the destination. We strive to make the experience of working with us enjoyable — and the outcome, something exceptional.

We love working with Allied Pixel because they’re so good at what they do and their team is just a pleasure to work with.


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