An easy way to make your site responsive

An easy way to make your site responsive

Updating your website to a mobile-friendly responsive design doesn’t have to be difficult. Foster Delivery Science manufacturers specialty polymers for the medical device industry. We had built their website years ago, before mobile was a consideration. It was...
Website Attacks, Oh No!

Website Attacks, Oh No!

What’s there to worry? It seems like much of my time these days involves dealing with WordPress vulnerabilities, network attacks resulting in websites being compromised, or worse, websites being taken offline.  The evolution of Content Management Systems (CMS)...
Is your website ADA compliant?

Is your website ADA compliant?

Website construction in our early days involved taking a company print brochure and translating it into some basic HTML with JPGs and Gifs. Everyone remembers the animated construction worker used to denote ‘content not ready yet’. Yup, we were guilty of...

WordPress Security – Are you paying attention?

Earlier this year one of our client WordPress sites became infected with malware. What was particularly alarming about this was that visibly it was not apparent to someone visiting the site. However crawling the site made it apparent that something was amiss with...

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