How would you describe the voice of your organization? Professional? Friendly? Laid back? Not sure?

It’s a supremely important quality, but often overlooked. The delivery of your marketing message – its literal “voicing” – should reflect the way you want to be regarded. We’ve all heard a tv or radio commercial that had all the right words, but the narration just didn’t seem to fit. It can be distracting.

The human voice is extraordinarily powerful. It can bring a story to life. Tone, pitch and delivery all impact how we are heard – whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes it’s so subtle that it is almost subliminal.

Voice is an important choice for your video, especially in this era of marketing personalization. Your prospects expect you to speak to them the way they like to be spoken to. A poor match of voice to message can create dissonance that undermines your message. A good match can engage your audience and deliver remarkable results. 

At Allied Pixel, we work with world-class voice talent, all of whom are trained and experienced in this art form and have the ability to adjust their delivery to precisely match your organization’s voice.

Amy Farris is one who is selected by many of our clients for her great range, from friendly and upbeat to serious and professional. She has done voice work for Amazon, American Express, eBay, General Mills, 7-Eleven and of course many colleges. Watch the video below to see her give a short demo of popular voice stylings.
Remember, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. 

Meet Amy Farris, Voiceover Talent

Amy is quick to say how much she loves her career, and she clearly works hard to stay at the top of her game. To her that means being versatile enough to land a wide range of jobs, from videos and commercials to video game characters and book narration. An additional skill she brings is audio engineering and editing to polish the end product. Away from the microphone, Amy enjoys reading literary fiction, nonfiction and other genres; playing chess in tournaments; and frequenting the gym so she can keep up with her active young daughter.

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