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Allied Pixel is a leading provider of video production services for the educational field. We partner with colleges, universities and secondary schools nationally to help them engage with prospective and current students, alumni and donors through affordable, high-quality online videos.

With a 28-year track record and over 200 national awards, Allied Pixel creates compelling, short-form video content that inspires sharing among your target audiences. Our team produces Personalized Videos, online videos, TV commercials and live webcasts for educational institutions large and small.

If your school already has in-house video capabilities, we will partner with your video team to augment their bandwidth and capabilities.

We provide a complete range of production services:

A dedicated Producer with years of experience in the education field.

An award-winning video crew to shoot on campus and elsewhere.

State of the art equipment including 4K cameras, steadicam and drones.

Post services including editorial, motion graphics and sound design.

Expertise to tell your school’s story in an engaging way.

Education Show Reel

Join the many colleges and universities who trust Allied Pixel for their most important video projects.

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Personalized Video

Want to increase response and yield rates? Our groundbreaking Personalized Video service allows you to engage one-to-one with prospective students or alumni and has a measurable ROI.

Individual Projects

We produce high-profile, one-off video projects for campaign launches and branding efforts: TV and online commercials, campus tours, recruiting videos, capital campaigns and more.

Live Webcasting

We provide an end-to-end solution that allows your school to reach a global audience in real time for commencement ceremonies, speaker series and other significant events.

Annual Program

This unique program provides ongoing video production services whenever you need them throughout the school year, at a substantial savings from our standard rates.

Couldn’t ask for more

Allied Pixel is an indispensable part of our school’s marketing department. They partner seamlessly with our in-house video team to increase our bandwidth and capabilities. They’re easy to work with and they do incredible work. We couldn’t ask for more.


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