4K in an HD World

In a previous article I expressed my concern for the push into the 4k revolution. Here I would like to explain how 4k can benefit and work for your organization. Let’s briefly talk about what 4K even means. For the longest time the standard has been full HD...

HD: Cleaner, Smaller, Affordable.

Movies, web video, gaming, tv, phones, and computers are all moving into the world of 4k.  You can find many articles all over the web talking about 4k and how it has its pros and cons as well as when 4k matters.  In this short article I would like to discuss the...

Why shoot in 4K?

With the production hype machines rolling out the next big thing i.e. 4 K – a lot of people are asking why? We just got used to HD, what the heck do we need 4K for?  There are no 4k displays to show it on anyway! What a stupid idea! “Au contraire mon frère.”...

Highlights from NAB 2013

Well another NAB show has come and gone, and we have seen a whole new batch of cameras from manufacturers, some old and some new. With the industry ‘s push to 4K, I think it might be time to slow down and take a little pause to let the rest of the business catch up....

Hogan’s Heroes and the Future of 4K

Back in my Junior High days, I had the occasion to visit the house of a friend who lived in a small town in rural Illinois. We weren’t particularly good friends. All these years later I can’t say I remember his name, or even what he looked like. What was...

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