Film and video production has a jargon all its own. On one of my first on-set jobs, someone asked me to grab a C-47. After a moment of panic, I realized a C-47 is just a clothespin, which in those days was used to attach a gel to a light fixture.
You may hear some of these terms thrown around during an Allied Pixel shoot. How many do you recognize? (Answers below.)

Welcome New Team Member: Doug Swartz, Vice President and Senior Consultant

Doug Swartz

Doug is an enrollment management professional who brings nearly 40 years of experience in higher education. He served in executive leadership positions at three universities before moving to the national higher education consulting firm Ruffalo Noel Levitz, an Allied Pixel partner.

Professionally, Doug’s passion is helping institutions achieve enrollment and financial aid goals through technology and personalized communications.

Personally, he is a dog lover, a regular at the gym, and an avid tennis player. He is also a huge sports fan. An Ohio native, Doug roots for his home teams. That could have been an issue when he fell in love with an equally sports-crazy Michigan State grad. Fortunately, their rivalry has always been friendly and his wife is his favorite tennis partner.

Congrats Lincoln University!

When Lincoln University won the 2024 CIAA Men’s Basketball Championship, it was cause for celebration and something more: a video chronicling the path to victory to be shared now and saved as a piece of Lincoln Lions sports history. Allied Pixel was honored to be chosen as the video producer.

Director of Athletics Harry Stinson III was thrilled with the final product. “They did a phenomenal job capturing the energy and excitement,” he said. “Watching it, you feel like you are on the team’s journey: the high hopes after losing in the finals last year, the intensity of their play all season, you could taste how much our guys wanted that trophy.”

The video debuted at a Lincoln Board of Directors meeting to which the team was invited. The team gave each board member a piece of the net they cut down after their tournament victory. Stinson first shared the video publicly as part of Lincoln’s Founders Day festivities. You can view it here.

Welcome new clients!

Answers to the quiz: 1I, 2D, 3A, 4J, 5E, 6C, 7G, 8B, 9F, 10H

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