Drip marketing is effective because it nurtures prospects or leads over time through the marketing funnel (aka the customer journey.)

Typically, drip campaigns are composed of a series of email messages that are triggered as the prospect reaches key milestones in the buying process.

Supplementing a drip campaign with Personalized Video can make it even more effective.

If you’re new to Personalized Video, you can learn about it here or watch my TED Talk here. In a nutshell, Personalized Video delivers data-driven videos with dynamic content that speaks to the particular interests of each viewer. It’s a way to engage more effectively with customers, prospects and constituents.

We worked with a private liberal arts college to supplement their Admissions marketing funnel.  The college sends a Personalized Video to prospective students at four critical milestones.

1 Inquiry

This Personalized Video is sent to all prospective students who make contact with the school.

2 Lead

This Personalized Video is sent after an Inquiry has been identified as a qualified Lead.

3 Applicant

This Personalized Video is sent after a Lead has begun his/her college application.

4 Admit

This Personalized Video is sent when an Applicant has been admitted into the school.

Undergraduate admissions are up 22% at the college.

Personalized Video is a natural for drip marketing campaigns.

Bill Haley

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