Lots of folks have asked when my TEDx talk on Personalized Video will be available online. Well, it’s available. The talk was posted on the TED site this week.

If you aren’t familiar, Personalized Video is an exciting new technique that my team at Allied Pixel has pioneered. Pulling information from an organization’s CRM, we create data-driven videos that speak to each person individually. If your organization has 5,000 people in its CRM, we’ll create 5,000 videos — each one completely unique. It’s a groundbreaking technology.

And while no one will mistake my delivery style for Sir Ken Robinson, I hope it was good enough to convey exactly what Personalized Video is, how it works, and the possibilities for the future.

The talk is 9 minutes long.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to do a TEDx talk, here’s a short post I wrote about the experience.

And for more information about Personalized Video, please visit this page.

Thanks for watching!

Bill Haley