The role of Artificial Intelligence in video production drew a lot of interest when I wrote on that topic back in September. And while AI is still in its early stages, its capabilities have increased exponentially in just six months.

New tools like Sora and HeyGen make it possible to generate lifelike, but artificial, video content that can be hard to distinguish from “the real thing.”

Video producers can now create AI-generated content that would fool most viewers. But should we?

This question has been the topic of a lively debate among the Allied Pixel team. What, exactly, is the proper use of AI in video production?

Here’s what we decided: Authenticity and trust are vital to the storytelling process and must remain the two guiding principles for everything we do. That includes both the traditional and Personalized Videos we create. Consequently, it’s essential that we avoid producing anything that misrepresents the truth.

What does that actually mean in practice?

Any elements that are central to the message will be produced using traditional video tools. For example, if a college president speaks on camera, we will always film the real president, as opposed to using an AI-generated avatar of that person.

We will continue to use AI tools for secondary elements, such as enhancing still photos or creating audio scratch tracks.

This is an ongoing conversation. We would like to hear your thoughts on all this, from the philosophical to the practical. Please email us at [email protected].

Come See Us at NAIA in Kansas City

Allied Pixel will exhibit at the NAIA National Convention in Kansas City, MO on April 8. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics annually convenes CEOs, athletics directors, and faculty athletics representatives for professional development and networking. We are excited to discuss data-driven personalized video for athletic recruitment face to face. We hope to see you there!

Meet Shirley Gay, Office Manager/Financial Administrator 

For more than 18 years, Shirley has been the glue that holds our office together. She holds Allied Pixel’s best interest as top priority. Being a problem solver, she thrives on “seeing the numbers fall into place” and “being the office mom” colleagues go to with questions and matters of the head and heart. Bill refers to Shirley as our “Den Mother.” Shirley is also the actual mom of Emily and Andrew and the dog mom of 2 rescues, Bonnie and Christy: “Bonnie likes me, Christy doesn’t,” she quips. For fun, Shirley researches her family genealogy. She is fascinated with DNA technology and regards herself as an “armchair private investigator.”

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