Pressure is growing on universities to meet a critical need: Providing transparent and reliable information about financial aid offers to students and their families. Spurred by a critical report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), 10 higher education associations jointly launched a task force – the College Cost Transparency Initiative (CCT) – in September 2023. It calls for voluntary commitments to improve clarity, accuracy, and consistency in the ways financial aid information is communicated. To date, more than 400 universities have signed on.

The solution to demystify financial aid exists right now through a cutting-edge data-driven personalized video. ➡️ Personalized Financial Aid Videos provide a consistent student experience that clarify college costs for each student with better explanations (i.e. separating merit aid, scholarships, and loans — and clearly shows the amount for which families will be responsible) thus facilitating a better understanding of affordability and value.

RNL’s Mark Hanrahan says Personalized Financial Aid Videos are the game-changer that can make transparency easy. “Why are universities still mailing out confusing and sometimes misleading financial aid awards? It is time to do things differently,” he says.

At Allied Pixel we know that explaining the financial aid offer is critical, complex and highly individualized. Through our exclusive partnership with RNL, we convert complex financial aid offers into easily understandable Personalized Financial Aid Videos (PFAVs.) We deliver customized, data-driven PFAVs that communicate a student’s actual financial aid offer to them in plain English (or Spanish.) This helps any university align their Financial Aid Offer communication with best practices as outlined by the GAO.

PFAVs are a win-win for families and universities because results show increased student engagement and comprehension are leading to increased enrollment. Students who watch their personalized financial aid videos are 2x more likely to enroll.

Curtis Coleman says Virginia State University has used the Allied Pixel solution to great effect. Prior to sending out the Personalized Financial Aid Videos, “we were averaging 8-10 deposits daily,” he said. In the three days after the videos were sent, “we saw an incredible increase … we’ve had over 100 deposits.”

You can learn more about Personalized Financial Aid Videos here.

Meet Programmer Ling Song 

Ling’s defining professional characteristic is her insatiable drive to learn new technologies and solve complex problems.  Her knowledge of multiple programming languages and platforms makes her an invaluable part of our Personalized Video data team, where she oversees the construction of video player landing pages and deployment of the analytics dashboards. Ling began her career as a Windows application programmer and continues to demonstrate an amazing ability to learn additional languages and database structures. In her free time, Ling enjoys cooking healthy food.

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