Personalization is more than a trending marketing tactic. It is an important factor in any organization interacting successfully with its clients. Major brands have raced to embrace technologies that enhance a consumer’s engagement, create an emotional connection, a more efficient experience for the consumer and can encourage a prolonged interaction. It’s a proven path to higher conversion rates. 

Data is the key input. Technological advances keep expanding the ways marketers can capture data: from information prospects and customers share in a query or survey, to data collected about them as they browse and make purchases online.

More relevant data gathered and analyzed leads to more compelling marketing messages and experiences targeting that consumer’s needs, interests, preferences and habits. Most consumers feel appreciated by a brand that tailors content to their desires —and their brand loyalty increases. It’s a win-win.

More than 98% of marketers say personalization improves customer relationships. (KoMarketing)

Personalization is making an impact in multiple fields, including higher education, where it is being used effectively in data-driven personalized video to recruit students and student-athletes, encourage admitted students to enroll, ​​make financial aid ​offers more understandable as well as inspire alumni and donors to support the university.

More than two-thirds of students have said that they are influenced to consider a college by personalized and relevant information, but only 9% said that they are receiving it from colleges. (Niche)

At Allied Pixel, we bring a deep level of personalization to video. Much more than just seeing and hearing their name, we provide the recipient with meaningful content based on their interests. It’s made possible by tapping into the data the organization already has about each person in its CRM.

We use that information to compile a highly relevant video message, make it scalable and trackable, and even offer it on demand.

Of course, data-driven personalized video has applications in many areas, including marketing and advertising; training and education, fundraising and customer support.

93% of companies using personalized video content experience an increase in conversion rates. (EConsultancy)

​​Harnessing the power of data-driven personalized videos is a game changer for organizations looking to engage, connect, and convert the people who matter most.

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