ChatGPT has created enormous interest in artificial intelligence (AI). “Generative” AI tools are becoming available that can create entirely new images and video segments. This begs the question, will video production be taken over by AI?

At Allied Pixel, we see AI as a tool that can help us do our work better and more quickly — not as a replacement for the talented pros who create our videos.

Here are some examples of how we’re using AI tools here at Allied Pixel:

Research: We use ChatGPT to quickly gather and organize information on many different topics. This speeds up the scriptwriting process, allowing us to devote more time to the creative aspects of the project.

Narration: We use PlayHT to generate temporary narration. The “scratch track” sounds realistic and enables us to coordinate other elements with the voiceover earlier in the process before a human narrator records the final track. Soon AI voice cloning may enable voiceover talent to license their voices for use in AI-generated narration.

Image editing: We use Photoshop’s new generative fill feature to enhance photos that are cropped too tightly or are less than perfect in other ways. AI algorithms also can intelligently fill in or remove elements from video scenes, seamlessly blending the surrounding content to create a natural effect.

Video creation: We use Runway to generate video clips from still images. Multiple other tools are becoming available that automate or enhance various aspects of special effects creation, video editing and post-production.

Allied Pixel has been a tech-forward company since day one. We embrace technology to help tell our clients’ stories in innovative ways. We will continue to adopt new AI technologies as they become viable — but our mission to help clients “Engage > Connect > Convert” means that our incredible team of living, breathing humans will remain at the heart of everything we do.

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