Can you recall seeing a video that really sparked something in you? That evoked a feeling or memory that stays with you?

It can be hard to put into words what exactly resonates with us, but it’s always the result of the work that went into creating it.

Today, we’ll take a peek behind the scenes at Allied Pixel — specifically who and what goes into making it all happen.

Professional video production has four main phases: Pre-production (creative and prep), production (filming), post-production (editing) and distribution.

Pre-production is where strategy and creativity come together. Our producer and writer work closely with you to develop the script, produce storyboards and any other elements needed for the production. Then we plan the logistics of shooting locations, schedules, talent and so forth.

Production takes place over one or multiple days, with shooting on location (your place) or in a studio. The producer works with a crew including a cinematographer, gaffer, sound operator, grip and possibly others. Equipment includes one or more cinema cameras, grip equipment, lighting gear and audio gear. If there will be narration, this is the time that the voice talent records his or her tracks.

During post-production, the producer will work with a post team including one or more editors, motion graphic artists, sound designers and other specialists. It’s an iterative process that involves the client’s review at each step. The rough cut is just that — an initial “story edit” without any embellishment. Gradually other elements are added, such as b-roll, graphics, titles and music. At Allied Pixel, the video isn’t finished until the client says it is.

Distribution can be in the form of one or several channels including web, social media, broadcast and in-venue. We prepare versions of the video for each channel. For example, it’s common to create a shorter “cut down” version with burned-in captions for social media use.

A small army of talented pros will each have a hand in producing the finished video. I’m proud of our team here at Allied Pixel, and the 200+ national awards they’re received for their work.

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Meet team member Joe Rodriguez

Joe was 13 and “a sucker for thrillers” when he started making movies with his friends in the Dominican Republic. Using a video camera borrowed from his parents, he taught himself how to shoot and then to edit using free software that came with the computer. His storytelling ambitions kept growing and his skills kept pace through years of trial and error. As a senior in college, he came to the happy realization that his hobby had given him the creative and technical expertise to make a living. As an editor for Allied Pixel, his goal is always “to tell the story so well that it pulls you in from the first minute to the last.”

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