The Personalized Videos we create for clients in higher education and other fields are highly individualized to match the interests of each recipient. We say they are data-driven, and you may wonder, where do we get the data?

There are two sources: The client and the end user. Which source we use depends on the type of Personalized Video we are producing.

Our clients – whether a school, business or nonprofit – routinely request, collect and store data about their constituents, including students, customers and volunteers. They might store it using a simple Excel spreadsheet or a sophisticated customer relationship management software program (CRM) such as Salesforce.

Universities, for example, store data about alumni, donors and students who have applied or been accepted. At the start of a Personalized Video project to reach one of those groups, we assign an experienced producer to walk the client through the data mining process and select the pieces of data best suited to the project goal.

For a Personalized Video that will be sent in a batch to accepted students, the goal would be to create a dynamic video that encourages the student to enroll. The data might include the student’s intended major, interest in activities such as athletics and reference to their hometown location. Each of those data points would trigger inclusion of a specific video segment on that topic into the final full video that is created.

For our on-demand Personalized Videos, the end user, rather than the client’s CRM, is the data source. To collect the data, a school’s website might invite prospective graduate students to make selections via an online form that will help the admissions team respond with relevant information.

Minutes after clicking “submit,” the data in the form has been used to generate a Personalized Video and emailed to the prospective student.

The wow factor is high and the technology is pretty amazing, but the driving force is data – using it, whatever the source, to create compelling video content that connects with the viewer.

Meet our team member Sean Purdy

Sean is a self-taught video editor and visual storyteller with experience in television news, higher education, and the music industry. Attention to detail is his top priority. Sean can always be counted on to deliver a polished final product to our clients.

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