A student’s choice of college can hinge on the answer to one question: How much financial aid will I get? Enrollment officials are keenly aware that the way they communicate this crucial information will influence the way it is received.

That’s why an impersonal letter presenting cold, hard numbers is a thing of the past. Today the savvy enrollment office sends each accepted student a Personalized Video explaining their offer. 

The video is warm, friendly and personal. A narrator walks the student step by step through her specific grant and loan offers. Easy to understand graphics show the math up to and including the final tally. 

Along the way, colorful footage of campus life helps visualize the college experience. To seal the deal, the video puts the numbers into the context of a value proposition that resonates emotionally with the student’s goals.

Personalized Video creates that emotional connection by drawing from data the university has about the student’s interests and matching it with video content that stokes her excitement about the field she wants to study, the sport she’ll play, activities she’ll enjoy, and more.

To see how persuasive this can be, watch the Florida Southern College financial aid offer video, produced in partnership with RNL.

Automating our process

Producing Personalized Video is a complex process involving 64 steps. Over the past year, our technical team has been working toward automating 24 of those steps to make the process faster and more efficient. With help from Involta and The Jahnel Group, two big players in the cloud automation field, we are now in the final testing phase. We expect to be using our new process when the busy fall season begins in September.

Meet our team member Dan Fried

With more than 30 years as a Cinematographer, Producer and Director, Dan has been involved in thousands of video projects and television shows. He has won multiple Emmy Awards for shows airing on Discovery, HBO, NBC Universal and other networks.

Clients have included corporations like Pfizer and Vanguard, government entities like the White House and City of Philadelphia, nonprofits such as the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society, and scores of colleges and universities. Dan enjoys aerial photography, having flown remote-camera devices long before there were today’s modern drones. He has worked all over the world and has been involved in coverage for 9/11 in New York, the war in Afghanistan and countless other and far less dangerous locations. A native of Pennsylvania, Dan loves dogs, hiking, and anything outdoors as he supports his healthy addiction of traveling to both near and far-away places.

Welcome new clients

  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • Balfour Beatty Investments

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