You’re going to be interviewed on camera. Whether you’re excited or terrified, you’re probably wondering what to wear. Here are five Dos and Don’ts to help you choose the perfect outfit.

  1. DO choose a favorite outfit you wear to work. It probably looks good on you, conveys a message about the type of work you do, and may even boost your confidence. Exception: If you work from home and your favorite outfit is pajamas, pick something you’d like to wear if you were invited to a business lunch.
  2. DON’T wear loud or fine patterns. Loud patterns, whether geometric or floral, distract viewers from focusing on your face. Fine patterns, such as houndstooth or thin stripes, can cause a moiré effect (as though you’re looking through a screen door).
  3. DO choose a main color and a highlight color. A monochrome outfit can look dull by itself but come alive when you add a color piece that pops. It could be a tie, scarf or shirt in your favorite color or maybe the color of your organization’s logo. The only color to avoid is red.
  4. DON’T wear anything that makes noise. Avoid bangle bracelets and other jangly jewelry. If you will be talking while walking, avoid shoes that squeak or clack as you move. Your sound person will thank you.
  5. DO apply makeup regardless of gender. Are you ready for your closeup? Not if your face looks oily or shiny. Consider hiring an on-set makeup artist. If you’re going the DIY route, apply powder makeup that is the same color as your skin, not lighter or darker.

Meet our team member Leonardo Galindo

Leo, a certified data scientist, is passionate about data analytics and has extensive experience in data management, data visualization and process improvement. Leo supports the data management side of our Personalized Financial Aid Video service, designing the scripts that transform the data files provided by colleges into the data structures required to produce videos, making sure that numbers and totals are accurate and in the right place according to client needs.

Cloud rendering means never having to say no

Personalized Videos, which we send on behalf of clients to thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, keeps growing! In addition to our data centers in Pittsburgh and Valley Forge, we are now rendering in the cloud through Amazon Web Services. This gives us the flexibility during peak times to quickly scale up our capabilities as needed. That allows us to say “Yes” to every project regardless of the number of Personalized Videos we need to produce.

As always, I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Email me anytime: [email protected].

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