Competition is fierce and each student is looking for a best-fit university. Those dynamics made Higher Education a natural fit to embrace Personalized Video in a big way. Enrollment leaders found that sending a video relevant to the individual student’s background and interests increased enrollment with an ROI that other recruitment methods can’t approach.

Now it’s common for universities to deploy multiple targeted Enrollment videos throughout the recruitment process, to bolster inquiries, drive applications, explain financial aid offers, optimize yield, and more. With built-in analytics at every stage, tracking reveals each prospect’s level of engagement, indicating the likelihood that this person will take the next step in the enrollment process.

The success of Personalized Video in Enrollment naturally led to its use in Advancement and Alumni Relations. Universities find personally relevant content increases engagement with those audiences as well, leading to greater participation and giving.

It’s no surprise that leaders in other fields caught on to the potential ROI of Personalized Video in courting their prospects and further engaging existing clients. Financial Services is a sector in which people expect a highly individualized approach and respond to messages tailored to their particular situation and goals. Personalized Video creates those messages at scale, reaching thousands of customers with exactly the right content for each one.

Meanwhile, Nonprofits have discovered the many benefits of Personalized Video in their fundraising efforts. Whether the need is to engage first-time donors, re-engage lapsed donors, or launch a major capital campaign, Nonprofits find it pays to speak directly to the need or outcome each donor cares most about. Even a thank-you video provides more effective stewardship when it pairs the impact with the donor’s passion.

You can learn more and see samples on our Personalized Video page.

Welcome new team member Lokesh Gopal

Lokesh, a data specialist, brings a diversity of technical skills to support our Personalized Video services. His main focus is working with large datasets from the client and manipulating that data to prepare for ingest into Allied Pixel’s render system. He’s also proficient in video and audio editing, making him a versatile player on our team. 

We’re proud to work with these new clients

  • Arkansa Tech University
  • Cabrini University
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Haverford Trust
  • WSFS
  • Bryn Mawr Hospital

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