How do you sell something that can’t be touched, that has no physical presence?

How do you get someone to buy into an idea?

A university we work with wanted to convey the academic quality of its undergraduate programs, and how that can lead to career success.

Both topics, pretty intangible.

And though they probably could have been quantified with stats, charts and graphs, we didn’t take that route.

Instead, we took a more personal approach. Video is so powerful at telling human stories. So we found two students whose stories illustrated these intangible concepts.

And we just let them tell their stories.

Ingrid is a nursing major who relates her personal experience at school.

Levi is a business major who talks about how his experience led to success after college.

Anecdotal evidence (aka personal testimonials) can be a really effective way to sell intangible things.

Bill Haley

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