We have been hard at work adding to the capabilities of Personalized Video. The latest innovation: Action Buttons.

(If you’re new to the subject, Personalized Video utilizes data in an organization’s CRM to generate individualized videos — enabling true 1 to 1 video marketing.)

Action Buttons make it possible to add a call to action to the user experience. Here’s a (non-functioning) example from a college recruiting campaign:

In this case, the Action Button contacts a student’s counselor in Admissions. We pull data from the school’s CRM to identify which counselor the student is assigned to. Then depending on whether the student is using a smartphone or desktop browser, the button will either place a phone call or send an email to that counselor.

It is possible to have multiple Action Buttons (e.g. Contact Your Advisor; Schedule a Campus Tour.) And because the buttons are dynamic, there is almost no limit to what they can do.

Here’s a live sample. It is one of 2,500 unique videos we produced for the campaign.

Personalized Video together with Action Buttons are a powerful way to drive conversions with your customers and prospects.

Bill Haley

P.S. Have a question about video? Let me know and I’ll try to answer it in a future post.

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