When you look comfortable on camera, it makes your viewers feel comfortable as well. They can focus on your message, as opposed to your delivery. Conversely, if you appear awkward or nervous, viewers will be distracted.

Comfort in front of the camera also conveys authenticity. You come across as genuine, relatable and trustworthy, all of which helps to build a connection with viewers.

At Allied Pixel, we film a lot of people who are first-timers in front of the camera, and we give them the following tips. I hope they will help you.

  1. Be prepared. Rehearse your script but make the words your own. You want to be speaking naturally, not reciting words. Practice your physical delivery, too, including gestures and pauses.
  2. Dress comfortably. Choose attire that boosts your confidence, fits well and aligns with the video’s tone and purpose.  
  3. Arrive early. Give yourself time to familiarize yourself with the camera setup and surroundings. Break the ice by chatting with the crew.
  4. Breathe. Before the shoot begins, do something that relaxes you. Practice meditation or deep breathing exercises or go for a short walk.
  5. Make eye contact. As you look at the camera, imagine you’re speaking to a friend. Eye contact conveys confidence and engages your viewers.

Bonus tip: Smile! 😊

Meet Video Editor Mackenzie Smith 

Mackenzie is an all-star when it comes to transforming raw footage into thrilling highlights. Working in the fast-paced world of sports video set her up to be the efficient, detail-oriented editor she is today. A sports fan from childhood, she started making YouTube videos in high school with a camcorder and iMovie. Fast-forward to post-college internships, where she worked alongside industry pros in the broadcast departments of the Orlando Magic and the Baltimore Ravens. That experience led to a job at Wake Forest University, where she spent four years running multimedia production for men’s sports. Mackenzie enjoys her free time going to the gym, doing yoga, and playing with her 80-lb dog — “a goofball” and “my bestie.”

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