This weekend, my 8-year-old daughter and her girlfriend, cooped up and bored from the snow, came up with a novel idea: Let’s make a movie!

I was only too happy to help.

The girls brainstormed ideas around the kitchen table and wrote a script on my computer using MS Word.

They gathered the props and within 30 minutes we were shooting.

Now, astute readers may remember my admonishment just a few weeks ago about shooting a video on an iPhone.

My point, then and now, is that consumer tools can actually do a decent job, depending on how they’re used and the expectations of your audience.

So we made use of what we had, including Amazon Alexa for some (pretty darn realistic) dog bark sound effects.

We edited the video on my iPhone using iMovie.

500+ Facebook views later, here is our 2-minute masterpiece.

And perhaps you are witnessing the Allied Pixel management succession plan.

So is a smartphone video acceptable for a company project? Sometimes, yes. For those other times, give us a call.

Yours in filmmaking,

Bill Haley