Movies, web video, gaming, tv, phones, and computers are all moving into the world of 4k.  You can find many articles all over the web talking about 4k and how it has its pros and cons as well as when 4k matters.  In this short article I would like to discuss the camera market for consumers and prosumers, and discuss how I believe we are skipping the best time to shoot full HD.

Many consumers looking to buy a camera, whether it be for home video or maybe you want to dive into a small production will all find it to be a complicated purchase. I dont want to get too techy in this article, but I want everyone to be aware that HD is looking its best at the most affordable time.

If you look at the new releases of cameras under five grand:

All of these cameras are shooting amazing HD with a beautiful picture, all of these cameras are at its HD prime. All the issues that plagued smaller DSLR and compact cameras are gone, and you can have remarkable quality without killing your wallet or your hard drive space.

I’m afraid that consumers are going to force companies to tack on 4k for the sake of sales and most of us are going to miss this exciting time of great HD at a very acceptable price.  Above all is your story and what you want to show the viewer, HD is at the point where you will have no more technical distractions. You can pick up a production ready camera for around two thousand dollars, this can get you all that you would need to produce an amazing image with easy to work with files.

Personally, Im excited about the Canon C100 Mark 2 camera. I’m looking forward to affordable gear and tech thats the best of the current generation, I want the best of HD.  Whether you’re looking at a new phone, camera, TV, you should study the specs and know what makes the better tool for what you want to do with it. 4k, and beyond is only referring to more pixels, not a better picture.