If Aristotle were alive today, he would make a great copywriter.

He understood that impactful messages connect the storyteller and recipient in powerful ways. Aristotle believed a person can be persuaded if the message is credible, authentic and resonates with its audience.

He identified three types of appeals – Ethos, Logos, and Pathos – that serve as the basis for persuasion. Here’s how you can use them to tell your story.

Use an Ethos appeal to build trust.

  • Tell a story that illustrates your expertise and authority, perhaps by sharing valuable information that reflects your knowledge and insights.
  • Tell real-life success stories that include testimonials and case studies.
  • Tell a story that exhibits your authenticity and transparency, such as how you responded when something went wrong.

Use Logos when appealing to logic.

  • Tell a story that incorporates data, statistics, research results and other forms of evidence.
  • Tell a story that makes a rational argument, logically leading the audience to your desired conclusion.
  • Tell a story that demonstrates the practical benefits of your product or service in solving a problem or fulfilling a need.

Use a Pathos appeal to evoke emotion.

  • Tell a story that resonates with the values, desires or experiences of your audience.
  • Tell a story that paints a picture of a situation that will trigger a desired feeling, such as joy, excitement, loyalty, caring or sentimentality.
  • Tell a story that shows you care about a cause that resonates with your audience, such as social or environmental responsibility.

At Allied Pixel, we’re in the business of helping tell your organization’s story creatively through video. We often make use of Ethos, Logos and Pathos to make the story meaningful and ultimately lead to conversion. We enjoy the challenge of helping you engage, connect and convert the people who matter most to you.

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