Creating a positive customer experience is on the minds of all marketers. It has to be. One in three customers will stop buying from a brand they love after a single bad experience, a PwC survey found. After two or three bad experiences, 92% say goodbye for good.
Interactions between customers and brands were evolving from in-person to online long before 2020, but the pandemic greatly accelerated the pace. The marketing lexicon that shortened “customer experience” to CX — presumably because seven syllables was too many for a frequently used term — expanded to include DX for “digital experience.”
If your target customer’s experience starts online, as nearly all do these days, DX deserves top of mind status. Digital experiences with a brand most frequently take place on websites, social media sites, mobile apps, texting and emails.
From the customer perspective, a good DX is fast, devoid of friction and consistent across all channels and devices. From the brand marketer perspective, a good experience is tracked and measured to determine usage patterns and enable continuous improvements in customer engagement.
great DX is all of the above plus personalization. A personalized DX uses data about each customer to deliver tailored messages, recommendations and offers. Video is the most powerful delivery channel for a personalized message, for two reasons.
First, people overwhelmingly prefer video to text for consuming information or entertainment online. Second, video is the best medium for conveying and stirring emotion. Case in point: People who watch this video we personalized for Calvert Hall High School can’t help catching the contagious energy as it crescendos to the final exuberant scene.
Should Personalized Video be part of the digital experience you are creating for your organization? Take a look at our pioneering work in this space and contact us for a conversation or schedule a 30 minute walk-through.

NACAC webinar explains how colleges can leverage Personalized Video

You Had Me @ Hello: How Colleges Utilize Data-Driven Personalized Videos for Enrollment, Financial Aid and Athletic Recruitment was the topic of a webinar Allied Pixel presented recently as part of the NACAC Industry Insights series. Members of NACAC – the National Association for College Admission Counseling – attended to learn how to leverage Personalized Video to captivate prospective students and student-athletes throughout the enrollment process. Showing a variety of examples, the Allied Pixel team demonstrated how an engaging video, individualized by utilizing the college’s CRM data, leads to higher enrollment conversion rates. If you missed the webinar and want a recap, contact Tom Mikowski.

Going to the RNL National Conference? We are, too!

Allied Pixel will participate in the RNL National Conference being held July 25-27 in Nashville, TN. Allied Pixel, RNL’s official Personalized Video partner, will lead five breakout sessions on Personalized Video for enrollment, financial aid and fundraising. The conference shares best strategies and solutions to help schools reach their goals for student recruitment, financial aid and student success. Go to the conference website to learn more about who should attend and why.

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