Have you been happily watching your email open rates rise since September? Warning: I am about to burst your bubble.

The reason may not be your prowess in writing can’t-miss-this subject lines. It’s likely due to Apple’s new Mail Protection Privacy (MPP) option, launched last September. On Apple devices running the latest operating systems, users can hide their email opens from senders by opting in to MPP.

Logically, you might think this would decrease the open rate, but no. MPP works by capturing each email mid-journey and opening it before it reaches the intended recipient. This “machine open” shows up in the sender’s analytics as an open.

Typically, an OS upgrade is gradually adopted by Apple users over 6-8 months, so the effect of MPP on open rates will likely flatten by May.

Regardless of how many Apple users are on your list, it’s wise to rely less on open rates as a measure of subscriber engagement because multiple factors trigger false positives, as well as false negatives. If you want all the details, I recommend two articles by reliable sources: Campaign Monitor and SendGrid.

Better ways to measure engagement are the click rate (percentage who clicked on a link in your email), the conversion rate (percentage who took the desired action, such as downloading a report or making a purchase), or subscribes and unsubscribes.

To increase your click rate, include at least one call to action (CTA) link in every email. Very few readers will click on a high-commitment CTA such as email me. So always have a low-to-no commitment option that simply links to more information.

None of this is meant to scare you off email marketing. It remains the undisputed #1 in marketing ROI.

Welcome Field Producer Steve Carey

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