We have been steadily adding new capabilities to Personalized Video. The latest is On Demand delivery, and it’s a big one.

(If you’re new to the subject, Personalized Video utilizes data in an organization’s CRM to generate individualized videos — enabling true 1 to 1 video marketing.)

Up until now, we have delivered Personalized Videos in batches. In some cases, we produce a single large batch, which may contain thousands or tens of thousands of videos. Other deployments have an ongoing release schedule, where we produce smaller batches every month or week.

Now we have the ability to send individual videos in real time. This is something we’ve been hard at work on, and it’s a game changer.

An auto dealership is using On Demand Personalized Video to show customers a personalized walk around of the car he or she is interested in.

A university is using it to provide personalized information about academic programs, living arrangements and financial aid for prospective students.

In both cases, the user fills out a form on the client’s website. Within minutes, a Personalized Video arrives in his/her inbox.

The possibilities for on-demand delivery are endless, and can be applied to virtually any industry. We have developed an open-ended framework that works with websites, kiosks and mobile devices. The input can come from a customer or from a representative within the organization. In short, it’s insanely flexible and pretty darn cool.

Here is a sample video from the auto dealership:

Please contact me if you’d like to talk about how this might apply to your world.

Bill Haley

P.S. Have a question about video? Let me know and I’ll try to answer it in a future post.

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