People often ask us what are favorite tools for managing projects are. Here’s a rundown.

Basecamp ( We use this indispensable online collaboration tool to manage nearly every project we do. It’s a central repository for project discussions, assets, milestone tracking and more. Just released — a terrific mobile version.

Google Calendar and Outlook. We use these primarily for our daily assignment scheduling. Each morning, our production team meets to review what was accomplished the day before, and what’s on tap for today.

Project Tracker. This is an proprietary online system we developed to track time, create estimates and manage the sales process. We offer monthly subscriptions to the service; let me know if you’re interested.

Trello ( A fast and flexible way to organize just about anything.

Evernote ( The world’s greatest brain dump. Quickly retrieve anything you’ve ever known, like passwords, articles, recipes, whatever.

MockFlow ( A great way to create and share website sitemaps and wireframes.

Adobe Creative Cloud ( Not so much a project management tool, but a way to manage software tools. The Creative Cloud subscription is a great way to keep our most important creative apps up to date, at a reasonable cost.

A sheet of paper. Yep, that’s right. One side is printed with a grid for keeping track of time for the week. It’s actually a lot more efficient than using online timers. And the other side is blank,  for taking notes, reminders, phone messages and the like.

So what are your favorite tools? We’d love to hear from you.