I like to tell people I’m from Media, Pennsylvania because I love this town. With a population of 5,327 it’s a small town like thousands of others across this great country – but it’s where I grew up so it’s special to me.

It was at the Media Theater that I had my first date. It was at the County Seat that I had my first (legal) beer and on Linden Lane that I bought my first house. My roots run deep.

There is a pervasive friendliness to this town. On State Street, locals will look you in the eye, smile and say hello. After a snow you’ll see people shoveling elderly neighbors’ sidewalks.

It is a walkable town – people push their strollers, walk their dogs and just walk to walk along its tidy tree lined streets. And often, they stop to talk to one another.

Media was America’s first Fair Trade Town, with local businesses coming together to help improve living standards around the world. Shop owners like Alan at Custom Bagels greet you by name. The experience is such a welcome change from online shopping.

Big crowds come out for cherished annual traditions like the Memorial Day parade, for Santa’s arrival, and for the ball drop on New Year’s eve. It’s a joyful place.

Early in my career I was tempted by the bright lights of New York and LA – but the magnetic pull of this place kept me here and I’m so glad I stayed. Media has been the home of Allied Pixel for almost 30 years.

In many ways, this town made me the person I am. I know it has also helped forge the values we hold close at Allied Pixel, like respect, humility, integrity and fairness.

So here’s to small town America. I share this with a deep sense of gratitude because I’ve seen firsthand how places like Media can bring out the best in all of us.

Wherever you call home, I hope the holidays bring joy and peace to you and everyone you love. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Email me anytime.

Warm regards,