Imagine you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in engineering. You search for universities that offer it and find that one is the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. You go to the website.

Wow, there are so many options! You don’t have time to hunt through all that. But there’s a button to Request Info. You click it.

Next you’re asked to specify which level (graduate) and which format (online) you would like. From there, you’re asked to provide your contact info and select the program that interests you: Electrical and Computer Engineering. Then you click Submit.

Within minutes your inbox pings. It’s an email from Johns Hopkins. There’s a video created just for you.

A friendly voice greets you by name. Over the next 90 seconds, the video tells you why Johns Hopkins is the best place to earn a graduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, how online students get the same esteemed professors and rigorous content as full-time students, and the exciting career options that await you upon completion of just 10 courses.

This was made possible by our data-driven on-demand Personalized Video process. Many graduate schools have embraced it as a competitive advantage in recruiting students, but it can increase response rates in any industry.

The primary ingredient is an online form that asks a number of questions about the individual’s interests and preferences. Each answer generates data that tells Allied Pixel’s render engine which prerecorded video clips to include, generates the video, and sends it in an email that comes from the institution the individual engaged with just minutes before.

View the Johns Hopkins video, produced in partnership with RNL to see for yourself how effective this can be. Learn more about on-demand Personalized Video on our website.

Meet our team member Brittany Strizelka

Brittany Strizelka joined Allied Pixel earlier this year as a producer. Her diverse background includes 10 years of copywriting for marketing firms and ad agencies, as well as production jobs for film, TV, and commercial projects. While her main roles are managing Personalized Video projects and quality control checks, she is also known for leaving her video off during Zoom meetings to enjoy snacks.

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