One of the great things about Personalized Video is its accountability. Behind the scenes, we’re able to track the actions of every person who receives a video. And that opens up some tremendously valuable information.

(If you’re new to the subject, Personalized Video utilizes data in an organization’s CRM to generate individualized videos — enabling true 1-to-1 video marketing.)

We know exactly who has watched their video to completion, who has shared it on social channels, who has clicked on Action Buttons and more. This information is presented in real time via a dashboard that our clients have access to.

We took that information from a recent (Spring 2018) university admissions campaign. We correlated it against the admissions report from the school showing which of those Accepted Students had actually enrolled.

Here is what we found:

That’s right. Accepted Students who watched their personalized video were 12 times more likely to enroll. And Accepted Students who watched their video to completion were 19 times more likely to enroll.

Those stats are just astonishing. And what is true for higher education is likely true for other fields as well. We will be analyzing data soon for campaigns in healthcare, automotive, financial services and nonprofits and I’ll share it when it’s available.

Bottom line: Personalized Video works.

Bill Haley

P.S. Have a question about video? Let me know and I’ll try to answer it in a future post.