Personalized Video offers a ton of flexibility in terms of delivery. So what’s the best schedule?

Like so many things in life, it depends.

(If you’re new to the subject, Personalized Video utilizes data in an organization’s CRM to generate individualized videos — enabling true 1 to 1 video marketing.)

There are three Personalized Video delivery modes. Choose the one that works best for your particular situation.

1. Batch

Batch delivery is for when you have a large database of recipients who should all receive their Personalized Videos at the same time. An example could be a retailer sending a seasonal video to its existing customers.

2. Incremental

Incremental delivery is a series of smaller batches that are spread out over time. An example might be a college that has rolling admissions. A relatively small batch of Personalized Videos might be sent out each week throughout the school’s admissions window.

3. On Demand

On Demand delivery happens in real time on an individual basis. It can be triggered when a customer fills out an online web form, or at a kiosk, or by a sales rep. An example could be a prospective customer requesting product information on the company website.

Here’s a sample video from a college campaign that had Incremental delivery.

Allied Pixel provides full service Personalized Video production, including all three delivery modes.

Bill Haley

P.S. Have a question about video? Let me know and I’ll try to answer it in a future post.


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