iStock_000051905814Large400pxPeople often ask us what software tools we use to get the job done, or what we’d recommend for a particular task. Here’s a rundown, organized by function.

Project Management

We use Google Apps for email, calendars and contacts. Basecamp for project management and collaboration. A proprietary app we developed called Project Tracker for estimating, time tracking and analysis. QuickBooks for finances. Personally, I use Evernote to keep everything from passwords to birthday lists within easy reach.

Video Post Production

We use Adobe’s Creative Cloud, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition and Media Encoder. FilmConvert for color correction and looks. Squeeze for encoding and transcoding. YouTube for previews. DropBox and Hightail for file sharing and media delivery.

Web Development

We use Slickplan for site mapping, Balsimiq for wireframing, Photoshop for design, Dreamweaver for code editing, and WordPress and Drupal for content management. We use Screaming Frog SEO Spider for website link and tag checking, Google Webmaster Tools to monitor website health. Google Analytics to monitor website traffic, Campaign Monitor for email list management and Moz for SEO performance. We use Wirecast and Kulabyte for webcasting.


We use Sprout Social for social media management and reporting, plus of course the native apps. Google Alerts too.

How about you? We’d love to hear about your favorite apps.