This past week, we provided webcast services in historic Congress Hall for the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia’s event – The End of Greatness: Will America Ever Have (or Do We Need) Another Great President?.

The event, from a streaming standpoint, went well. Eventions Productions provided onsite video services to our Wirecast encoder. We in turn provided a single HD quality stream from Congress Hall to Zencoder which transcoded the stream and sent multiple streams on to Akamai for distribution. Viewers could watch the live program on Desktop, iOS and Android devices through a page we hosted. The page hosted the JW Player for playing of the stream. Zencoder also sent a stream to Amazon Web Services for archiving of the broadcast. A lot of hands in the mix but a very stable solution.

But the night was about the discussion and the historic venue, Congress Hall. I left the event with a reaffirmation that our founding fathers provided us with a great blueprint of how to govern a nation. We are a nation that relies on the greatness of our citizens more than the greatness of our president. While great presidents have helped us through crises, it is the people of this nation that have defined its greatness.

With the general election upon us, there is no better opportunity to exercise your greatness than to vote. See you at the polls!