You may have seen a few of our video projects or Personalized Videos and thought, It would be great to have something that polished, but we can’t afford all-new video shot by professionals.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

For many of the projects we produce, Allied Pixel does not shoot all the video. After planning how to tell the client’s story, we first look at their existing visual assets – videos, photos and graphics. Then if there are gaps to fill, we shoot new video as needed.

Often, the existing assets are not of the greatest quality. Our post-production wizards can make them look and sound much better. Color correction can make a shot appear more vibrant and lifelike. Image stabilization can smooth out handheld shots. Audio equalization can adjust sounds that are too high or too low and remove ambient sounds like the hum of a vending machine.

Finally, you may have noticed how photos and graphics can blend into the video. Or maybe you didn’t notice because our editors worked them into a seamless flow of sound and motion. Applying their skills in motion graphics – panning, zooming, deconstructing and reconstructing – those still images come alive.   

So, take a second look at your existing visual assets and reconsider whether you have the hidden gems already and just need a little help to bring them to life.

Allied Pixel Named Official Personalized Video Partner of NAIA

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has chosen Allied Pixel as its first Official Personalized Video Partner. Under the three-year agreement, Allied Pixel will assist NAIA members in creating Personalized Videos, primarily for athletic recruitment.

“We currently partner with nearly 150 colleges nationwide incorporating personalized enrollment and financial aid videos into each school’s strategic enrollment plan, so this is really a natural extension of that work,” said Bill Haley, Allied Pixel President.

NAIA said the marketing and athletics communications departments at member schools will benefit from building stronger personalized connections with student athlete prospects and can take advantage of members-only pricing.

“We are excited for the possibilities that Allied Pixel will bring to our members,” said Jim Carr, NAIA President and CEO. “With increased demands on the communications staffing at all collegiate institutions throughout the nation, it can provide a needed service to our members at a reduced cost.”

Read the full NAIA press release.

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