Social media is powered by video, and that’s why it’s an excellent way to promote video content that lives on your website. Here are seven tips to help drive traffic from your social channels to your web videos.

Make it a teaser. Create a short cutdown of your full-length video, running 10-30 seconds. Use the best shots to tell an abbreviated version of the story, the way a movie trailer sells the full-length film.

Front load the visuals. You have only a few seconds to hook viewers as they scroll through their news feed. Put your most important or engaging visuals at the front.

Add descriptive text and/or captions. Up to 85% of social video viewing is done with the sound off. If there is someone speaking in your video, include captions. Adding descriptive text can help drive the message.

Know the specs. Each platform has its own specs. For example, YouTube recommends a 16:9 aspect ratio while Instagram recommends square. Prepare your video in the correct specs for each platform.

Upload directly. Most social platforms give preference to videos you upload directly rather than linking to YouTube or some other video hosting service. Direct uploads result in higher engagements and shares.

Include a call to action. Most social channels allow you to add a CTA button that can link to your web page. It’s more effective than just a URL. Give the button an engaging title, such as “Tell me more!” or “Learn more about it.”

Consider the culture. Each platform has its own personality. Facebook is mainly about entertainment and inspiration, LinkedIn is career and business oriented, and Twitter focuses on opinions and special interests. To make sure your social video fits in, consider creating different versions for each platform it will run on.

Allied Pixel wins two national awards

Congratulations to Neumann University on two honors in the national Educational Advertising Awards.

  • Silver for a video in the Outdoor category
  • Bronze for a 30-second spot in the Single TV Ad category

We welcome these new clients

  • Dell Boomi
  • Embassy of Monaco
  • Kent State University
  • Louisiana State University
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham

Data Specialist joins Allied Pixel team

Leonardo Galindo has joined our team as a Data Specialist. Leo brings more than 15 years of experience in data/business analytics and has worked with Honeywell Aerospace and General Electric. He will be supporting our Personalized Video data team.

As we wrap up 2021, I’d like to thank you for your support this year. All of us at Allied Pixel are grateful to work with you. My very best wishes for the new year!

Warm regards,

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