Zeroing-In on your brand, marketing your message to prospects the moment they have a need, and not only marketing to the community hoping that they’ll remember who you are when they need solutions, can be tricky.  But, that’s what we all should be doing, right?  It’s easy to get lost in today’s digital forest.  It’s not enough to have a good idea, provide exceptional customer service, and deliver on time if your competition keeps getting all the business because they know how to get in front of your customers when there’s a need.   Only a few years ago marketing meant running an ad in the local paper, enhancing your Yellow Pages listing, purchasing labels, and snail mailing marketing materials, cold calling one door at a time, and making 10 to 30 phone calls a day to drum up business.  Not to say this approach doesn’t work – it does – but it’s harder, takes longer, and it’s so 90’s.

In this century you’ll want to start with an innovative web design that reflects company vision, product value, and offers it in the most accessible way. Regardless of the type of device used to view the content, your website should have a wow factor. Not only should your audience find what they need, but they should get to know you.  Adding content like streaming videos, a blog, testimonials, and pictures tell your story and reflect your culture.  If you do it right, you’ll not only appeal to new customers, and retain existing customers, you will have talent regularly knocking at your door.  Another step in this process is social media marketing.  That’s what steers your audience to your website. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Tumbler and others are avenues of opportunity and lead generation.  Depending on your product offering and/or service, decide what platform works best for your brand. Market your message and steer your audience back to your website.  Soon, your customers will be Zeroing-In on you for solutions.

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