Data-Driven Personalized Videos for Athletic Recruitment

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Recruitment involves sourcing and engaging to find the best talent and fit for your culture. Data-driven personalized videos engage your prospective student-athletes with a captivating, targeted message through individualized videos that speak to that prospective student athlete’s background and interests (athletic, academic, location, etc.).

Allied Pixel works hand in hand with your school to make it an easy lift. We will combine your FRONT RUSH, SLATE or other
CRM data with existing photo/video assets to create dynamic and compelling unique videos with call to action buttons for each of your prospective student-athletes.

Our Innovative Technology Benefits:

  • Increase individual engagement in a 1:1 format
  • Deliver a measurable R.O.I.
  • Distinguish your school from the pack
  • Monitor each recipient’s engagement through our provided dashboard
  • Reduce the student’s sense of overwhelm
  • Distribute hundreds or thousands of these videos with ease via on demand or in batch format


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Athletic Recruitment Video

Accelerate your athletic recruitment efforts with targeted personal engagement for every student-athlete!

Why Allied Pixel’s Personalized Video for Athletic Recruitment?

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