Award-winning video production at up to 50% off regular rates

Our unique Annual Program provides ongoing video production services whenever you need them throughout the school year. In exchange for a minimum volume commitment, we offer deep discounts on our work — up to 50% off our regular rates.

A smarter solution

If your school has the need to produce multiple high-profile videos a year, the Annual Program may be an ideal solution. It can save you up to 50% versus the cost of contracting for individual videos.

More importantly, it establishes an ongoing partnership between your team and ours, allowing for seamless integration to produce outstanding work.

The Annual Program can supplement the capabilities and bandwidth of your in-house video team.

What’s included

The Annual Program includes all the components of broadcast-caliber video production:

  • A dedicated producer with years of experience in the education field.
  • Scriptwriting services.
  • An award-winning video crew.
  • State of the art camera equipment plus Steadicam, dollies, jibs, drone and more.
  • Post production services including editing, color grading, graphics, sound design and encoding.
  • Archiving so that your footage will be available for future projects.

Advantages to your school

The Annual Program provides these important advantages:

  • Expertise. Because we work with you on an ongoing basis, we get to know your school and your team inside out.
  • Dependability. Allied Pixel has a 24-year track record of getting projects done right and on schedule.
  • Flexibility. We are available for whatever you need, whenever you need it.
  • Consistency. By using one production company for all your school’s needs, your videos will have a consistent look and feel.
  • Savings. By committing up front to a minimum level of production, you save up to 50% off our regular rates.



The standard Annual Program is priced at $34,560.

That’s a savings of $23,810 off our regular rates.

The program can be adjusted to suit your school’s individual needs. We offer flexible payment plans. Billing can be spread out throughout the school year.

They know us so well

Allied Pixel’s Annual Program is like having a movie studio on call for our school. And since it’s an continuing relationship, they know us and our school incredibly well — which makes it really easy to work with them.


Marketing Director

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