Project Highlights

Safety in the Public Space

Family Support Line helps people deal safely and successfully with a very sensitive issue: child sexual abuse. That requires an extraordinary level of trust. With a warm, bright design, stock photography, lean copy and clear navigation, we helped the group extend the privacy and safety they can offer in person to the public space. From any page, you can find out how to get help in person right away or connect with solid resources in your own time.

One Voice for Many Audiences

Survivors, their families, support networks, teachers and caregivers all need help in the prevention, treatment and training of child sexual abuse. The organization needs support from donors and volunteers to provide that. For each group there’s a different approach to common support information and specific resources that speak to their particular needs. We worked with the caring and knowledgeable group at Family Support Line to make it simple for anyone looking for help to find it.

Flexible Technology

When so much is at stake, details count, and accurate information is essential. We put in place a content management system to make it easy to update critical information as fast as it changes. That includes adding pages, events and resources. The knowledge base not only helps users get relevant information based on their interests and experience, but lets them share how helpful it has been. With that insight, Family Support Line can continue to improve how the website serves the community.