Project Highlights

Simplifying Success

Delaware County Community College is an educational resource for people with a broad range of goals and needs at many stages of their lives and careers. No matter what someone came to find in the vast volume of useful information, we had to make it simple.

Putting On a Fresh Face

How could a visit to the website give as rich an experience of the College, and the way each student’s success is supported there, as a visit to the campus? Stock photography could not tell the story with the right balance of honesty and warmth. On the many pages of the site, the faces of real students, teachers and staff give the site a fresh human touch.

Bridging Systems with Technology

A large institution has a network of systems, programs and databases that must all work together so the user has as seamless a digital experience as possible. Some are public, some private, all with different levels of security. We put in place a content management system for the website robust enough to integrate well with the many moving parts. The bonus is: it’s easy enough to use that non-technical departments can update their own information as fast as it changes. That makes everyone at the College more responsive to the community they serve.