Project Highlights

Our first Personalized Video campaign was delivered on April 11, 2017. A personalized video was sent to more than 2400 accepted students at Cabrini University — marking a major milestone for higher education marketing.

We partnered with the Admissions team at Cabrini to build a video campaign that focused on student’s individual interests, including their choice of  major, extracurricular activities, sports and residence life. We produced a library of video content that addressed all the possible variations. We created a master edit template that established a polished, cohesive flow for the video segments. Next, we pulled data from the school’s Customer Relationship Management software (in this case, TargetX.) Our render farm then produced an individual video for each student in the database.

Each of those videos was then transcoded in the cloud to a variety of formats, suitable for playback on any device, including smart phones, tablets, desktop browsers and smart TVs. We built a branded landing page for video playback. And we supplied a custom URL for each video, which was inserted in the school’s CRM data.

Cabrini inserted the individual URLs in the acceptance eblast they sent out to students. We were able to track and report metrics in real time, showing which students watched their videos (either partially or entirely) and who shared them on social channels.

The overall turnaround time for the campaign was six weeks.

To see sample videos from the campaign, please visit our Personalized Video page.