Project Highlights

Carpenter Technology had just acquired Labrobe Specialty Metals and was bringing both sales teams together for the first time. They wanted a film to galvanize the idea of now being a unified market leader.  We packed our bags for four days of shooting in and around steel mills in Reading and Labrobe.


With facilities spread over hundreds of acres in two locations, the logistics of shooting were critical. We had to cover processes and people while also giving a sense of scale of the immense foundries.  We used our flagship Sony F800 camera for primary shots and Go Pros for action shots and unique angles.


Plants run 24/7 but steel is a delicate science: When it’s ready, it’s ready. We literally only got one shot. Combined with shift changes, meal breaks and occasional line breakdowns, scheduling was an exercise in adaptability. We took a documentary approach and managed to get all the footage we needed.