Project Highlights

Resourceful Training

How do we deliver meaningful training for high-tech equipment, connect it to relevant resources and make it work across a variety of platforms? It takes the whole team. The crew plan the shoot with the online video framework in mind. The interactive shell is built to fit the page and match the resources to the right segment. Users can have a continuous video experience, or find the sections and support they want right now. They get the training they need, how they want it.

Global Streaming Video

With Agilent’s international presence, they need a global service to support streaming video anywhere a customer or rep might need it. The web and video teams worked together to find the most responsive streaming service adapted to a seamless experience.

Engaging Sales

The next challenge was to build the interactive video and streaming into a presentation the client can display on the floor of a trade show, walk through in person on an iPad, or direct people to on the web. We built in a short attract loop, and made it simple to find the newest training or product information at the touch of a finger or mouse.