The first thing you ought to know about us is that we are very interested in you. We want to understand your unique situation, your brand, your stakeholders. Because we can’t do our job well until we have a good working knowledge of your world.

Allied Pixel is all about convergence. If you were to take a video production company, web developer and interactive shop, put them in a blender and mix them up really well, you’d have Allied Pixel. Which is exactly what we did. We call it Integrated Media Production. But what, you might ask, is the benefit to you? Glad you asked.  Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We take a holistic approach to creating media — bringing video, web and interactive together in service of the project. And it allows us to do some really cool things.

Are we a technology company? Or a creative firm?

Both! We’re a company that uses digital technology in creative ways. Ultimately, we’re here to help organizations communicate at a higher level. We work from an expansive palette, fueled by passion and caffeine and a genuine desire to see our clients flourish.

But what if I just need a video, or a website?

That’s great! Clients often come to us with very specific projects in mind. In time, though, they may find that their digital universe is expanding to include things like mobile, interactive apps, streaming video and webcasting. And by choosing Allied Pixel, they have future-proofed their digital portfolio.

Anything else to know about you guys?

We should tell you about our heritage. Namely, that Allied Pixel is the result of a 2008 merger between RSVP and Haley Productions, two media companies with long (25 years and 15 years, respectively) track records. Why should that matter to you? Simply because it means we’re a solid company. We’re here for you today, and we’ll be here tomorrow. We look forward to building a long relationship with you.

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